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As we considered different options to help our employees with the soaring gas costs, and try to encourage more quality time with family, we decided to test the option of a four-day work week. During the summer we had our employees try out this new schedule to see if this would be something they like. It was unanimous! Thursday is officially the new Friday at Kindred Hearts!

As we have been testing this new schedule we have found that there are many other benefits that are beneath the surface! Conserving on power (air conditioning, heat, computers, etc.) translates into large energy savings each year. This should also help the environment with the reduction of CO2 as well as emissions from commuters’ vehicles. From a managerís position, it means more regular attendance at work because appointments that can’t be made over the weekend can now be made on Friday! For employees with families, this means one less day they need to pay for child care, and most important of all . . . one more day that they get to spend with their kids!

We have had such a positive response from each of you who have been a “sounding board” for us . . . Thank you for your input! We hope this isn’t an inconvenience to any of you. And not to worry . . . being closed on Fridays hasnít delayed orders! We have found that we are actually more efficient!

Our new hours of operation are Monday through Thursday:

WAREHOUSE: 8:00am – 6:00pm
OFFICE: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Closed on Fridays
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