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For those of you who are new to Kindred Hearts . . .

We are a family-run business that, over 16 years ago, started in the basement of our home in a small Midwest town. At that time, it was more of a hobby than a business . . . a means to teach the “younger” family members the importance of hard work, the value of money, but most importantly, the character it takes to work together toward a common goal.

In time, our small business was sold, and we all moved overseas to begin a new adventure. Eventually, we each went in different directions with our individual careers. However, we each came to realize that our best times had been working together in our family business.

It’s been an amazing journey and we feel incredibly blessed to be working together as a family once again.

Our Kindred Hearts family has now grown and we have expanded from the basement of our home into two warehouses.

At Kindred Hearts we desire to make a difference not only through the products we create, but by encouraging our employees to grow in character and develop their gifts.

We are still family owned and operated, and we are proud to say that over the years some things have not changed . . . our product lines are the original creativity of our even bigger team of employees, family, and friends.
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